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news about DVDs and homework

Hey all. The systems administrator says that we should be able to use DVD+Rs or DVD-Rs (iow, either one will work) in the lab. So go ahead and purchase either kind and that should work.

Secondly. if you have newer versions of firefox or safari, the video embedded in the RiceBall reading for next week may not work (it needs some fancy plug-in that’s difficult to find and install). So I’ve linked to a copy of the student video that’s featured in the RiceBall text. You’ll have to watch it separately from the reading. It’s a WMV, so you’ll need Windows Media Player or, if you have a Mac, the free version of Flip4Mac.


BLOG ASSIGNMENT #@ (that’s “2” with the shift key depressed) (is depressed a good word there? o.O)

AJmC (rapping name) says, “So, for everyone who doesn’t have this written down somewhere, you need to publish the following on your blog by 11:59 PM CST [GMT -6, if I’m not mistaken] Tuesday Sept 2:

Three different ways through which you (personally) (as a person) examine text, whether that text be a book, a webpage, a movie, a viral video, spoken word, performance art, a painting online, a painting in a museum, etc.  The only wrong answer is not having the assignment posted when I go through and check to see if you’ve accomplished the task at hand.  For your answer to be complete, it must contain a link or embedded [something: video, picture, whatever] demonstrating at least an aspect of the lens you use.

So, summation: blog post by midnight Tuesday needs to have 3 different ways you examine objects and one example of each.  Further questions?  Did I fail again at explaining what I want?  Drop me a link on my blog.  I should have an example post up by Sunday (hopefully earlier).”

I am old…said the teacher

It didn’t take too many YouTube posts for me to recognize how completely out of touch I am with what students consider interesting these days. The first coupla had me wondering just *how* boring and old I am. But I also loved seeing the differences. Then I started to see some videos I could get into — it’s wild how many personalities are in one classroom; people with SO many differences and experiences, with so much to bring to the table. I appreciate that, even if I don’t always appreciate the videos (but, hey, that wasn’t the point of the exercise — my appreciating the videos — the point was for you to practice embedding media into your blog and for me to see what *y’all* value.) fwiw, I figure that my watching your videos feels similar to y’all reading the homework – lol. With that in mind, I’ll go back to the Mario Brothers, 20-minute video before Thursday’s class and make sure I watch it all the way through next time 😉


Reminders from Day One for Day Two

Helllloooooo world! 🙂

Andrew and I wanted to thank you for a great first class, even though I was a talking head for most of it (BORing!).


— grab the blog URLs from my Blogroll post below and link them to your blogs using the Manage>Links function.

— do the readings

— remember to watch the Set to Screen introduction thingy, which you’ll need iTunes to do.


Welcome to English 239!

We have a rare opportunity in this class this semester–to produce a digital video based on the theme “The New Work of Composing,” which is also the theme of a multimodal composition conference we have been invited to attend, and film, in Louisville, Kentucky, October 16-18. This video will be submitted for consideration to the digital ‘book’ collection that will result from the conference. Thus, the main project for this class will be to collaborate on this scholarly video, which could be published in the first digital, multimedia book in the field of English studies. Should the video be accepted for the book (and I am confident about our chances!), then you will all be listed as contributors to this peer-reviewed publication — a coup for anyone in school, especially for those of you continuing on to graduate or professional work.

In order to prepare ourselves for this opportunity, we will need to understand what multimodal composition means in the field now, which we will learn about by reading and analyzing print and digital, multimodal texts that relate to the history of multimodal composition as well as those that are authored (or feature) the main speakers at the conference, who we will be filming and possibly interviewing while we are in Louisville.

In addition to the readings and group video, we will produce several smaller multimedia texts in a range of genres and modes to help you learn about composing and editing in multiple media. Some of these assignments will include designing and contributing to a blog, working in visual and auditory modes (such as creating graphics and soundtracks), filming and editing a 1-minute video, creating a remix, providing “director’s commentary” for projects, and producing a DVD portfolio of all your work. You will be working on multiple platforms this semester (PC and Mac), so I hope you will be flexible.

You do not need to attend the conference in order to take this class, although you will certainly have fun and learn even more by attending. I am making arrangements to get funding to pay for your travel and lodging, but we will have to discuss the issue more if such funding doesn’t come through. (I will not require you to pay your way; that option is entirely up to you. Should you not be able to attend, it won’t reflect on your participation for this class.)

This is a once in a lifetime learning opportunity for this course — a relatively new one at ISU — so I hope you will enjoy the experience as much as I hope to.

Dr. Ball