Reminders from Day One for Day Two

Helllloooooo world! 🙂

Andrew and I wanted to thank you for a great first class, even though I was a talking head for most of it (BORing!).


— grab the blog URLs from my Blogroll post below and link them to your blogs using the Manage>Links function.

— do the readings

— remember to watch the Set to Screen introduction thingy, which you’ll need iTunes to do.


7 thoughts on “Reminders from Day One for Day Two

  1. Julie Z.

    I was just wondering if anyone else was having a hard time trying to get the podcast? I keep going to the site and trying to subscribe, but it won’t let me. Any solutions?

  2. cheryl

    Julie, do you have iTunes already installed? If not, the podcast may not work properly (I’m not sure; that’s my first guess). Also, be aware that the podcast will open iTunes for you and sometimes that window will hide behind your browser window. Finally, all the podcasts will be listed at the bottom of the iTunes window, so you have to look at the bottom in order to click/listen to the first one. Hope that helps a little. Let me know if you’re still having problems and we can troubleshoot in class (or before).

  3. Julie Z.

    Cheryl, I did try all those things, I have a mac so iTunes is there already, but the link buttons to click to subscribe won’t work for whatever reason, I’ll try to bring my computer to class (if I remember) or I can try on another computer. Thank you.

  4. admin

    Hrmmm. So now I am just checking to make sure we’re both clicking on the same links. First, from the main Set to Screen URL (the one linked from my Syllabus), you click on the words “Watch and Subscribe to the Podcasts” next to the picture with the two actors. It’s in the middle of the right-side of the screen. That should open iTunes. Then, after you’ve switched to iTunes, under the title “Baz Luhrmann: Set to Screen”, there is a small icon labeled Subscribe, and you click on that. Is all that going OK so far?

  5. Julie Z.

    Yeah I’ve done all that when I get to the iTunes page with the subscribe button next to the picture of him holding up his hand the link is disabled or something so no matter how much I click on it, it doesn’t do anything. Same thing with the 7 choices at the bottom you can listen to.

  6. Julie Z.

    Never mind my last post, I just figured out I had podcasts disabled. (I feel slightly ridiculous) But I have it now so thank you.

  7. admin

    Phew! I was starting to think I was going insane! But I bet you’re not the only one who’s going to have this issue, so thank you for posting it.


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