BLOG ASSIGNMENT #@ (that’s “2” with the shift key depressed) (is depressed a good word there? o.O)

AJmC (rapping name) says, “So, for everyone who doesn’t have this written down somewhere, you need to publish the following on your blog by 11:59 PM CST [GMT -6, if I’m not mistaken] Tuesday Sept 2:

Three different ways through which you (personally) (as a person) examine text, whether that text be a book, a webpage, a movie, a viral video, spoken word, performance art, a painting online, a painting in a museum, etc.  The only wrong answer is not having the assignment posted when I go through and check to see if you’ve accomplished the task at hand.  For your answer to be complete, it must contain a link or embedded [something: video, picture, whatever] demonstrating at least an aspect of the lens you use.

So, summation: blog post by midnight Tuesday needs to have 3 different ways you examine objects and one example of each.  Further questions?  Did I fail again at explaining what I want?  Drop me a link on my blog.  I should have an example post up by Sunday (hopefully earlier).”

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