Watson preview

This email, from one of the featured speakers at Watson:

Jackie Rhodes (CSU-San Bernardino) and I are delighted to announce a sneak peak of our multimedia installation for the upcoming Watson Conference.  We’ve been keeping an installation blog-as-archive, which you are invited to check out: http://visceration.blogspot.com/

Enjoy!  And hope to see many of you as possible at Watson!


Jonathan Alexander
Campus Writing Director
Associate Professor of English
University of California, Irvine

2 thoughts on “Watson preview

  1. Matt Wendling

    The revisions to our screenshot analysis assignments are due on Thursday and I was wondering whether we’d be getting comments to guide those revisions. What should we be looking for when we revise?

  2. cheryl

    Hey Matt. I gave overall revisions in class for everyone to follow, although yours was well on its way already (in-depth). I won’t be giving specific feedback before the revisions are due (everyone needed to do another round of global revisions first — more focus, an argument, make sure the examples match the lens, defining the lens, a little more formal tone, etc.) but I will be giving comments/feedback after these revisions are due on Thursday. I am hoping to have them back to everyone by the following week. The thing I remember about yours, per revision possibilities, was that it rambled a little. It was thorough but could use a little more organization. That’s a fine-tuning thing, tho, that I’d comment about on the next round for most everyone…


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