group server space now available


You now should have access to a shared space on the student server. When you log into the student server space, there is a folder at the top called /239/ (no slashes; that just indicates that it’s a folder). Inside the /239/ folder are three sub-folders:

  1. narrative (Julie et al’s group — sorry; I didn’t know you weren’t doing a narrative anymore when I assigned the group name)
  2. impact (Jessica et al’s group)
  3. myspace (Matt et al’s group)

Y’all can upload videos there and share them among your group members. Actually, all of you (including andrew) have access to all the other group folders, so don’t screw with anybody else’s stuff — just go in and get what you need if you need it).

Also, I have the tapes Ariana was looking for — they’re in my office. I”m headed in momentarily and will put them in the 408 lab next to the instructor’s machine marked for you when you come in on Sunday.

Thanks to Amos for opening the lab for everyone, Sunday at 5pm. Call him, or me, if you need him to oepn it another time.

Finally, I’m guessing that you don’t need the external hard drives immediately since you now have shared server space, so I’ll order those for backup but will get them online (where they’re cheaper) and have them for next week.

Don’t forget your proposal revisions are due by 5pm today.


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