MovieMaker tip in STV 408

Hey all,

Through some looong frustration in my other class, I discovered how to make the AVI files from the FlipVideo cameras import into MovieMaker. (iMovie is another story I’ll have to deal with later.)

If you’re in STV 408 working on videos and need to import an AVI file from the Flip Cameras, do the following if you’re still getting an error message when trying to import into MM:

  1. plug the camera into the computer
  2. open My Computer
  3. open the FlipVideo drive
  4. open the DCIM folder to reveal the AVI videos
  5. drag whatever AVIs you need to the desktop (or some other location you want)
  6. open MovieMaker
  7. Goto Tools>Options and choose the Compatability tab
  8. click in the check-box for the MPEG4 codec to activate it
  9. Click OK in the Tools window to close it
  10. Goto File>Import into Collections and browse for your AVI file and click OK
  11. Your AVI file should now import into MovieMaker.

Good luck!

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