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An email from the editors of The New Work of Composing:

Dear Cheryl et al,

We are pleased to accept your chapter as part of The New Work of Composing.  We thought it was an interesting piece that addresses a number of important issues in the field including new digital genres, and social networking and participation. We have a number of proposals that touch on these themes, so, in order to play with the notion of a “digital book,” we will be working over the next few months to build an interactive table of contents where chapters can connect in multiple ways. (Once we have a prototype of the TOC, we will send it to you.)

We thought all the parts of the chapter were interesting and potentially very valuable as we think through what teaching and digital media entail.  However, we are asking you to reconsider including the last section of the chapter.  While we found it provocative, we were not sure how clearly it related to the chapter’s other components.

Regarding our timeline, we have been in conversations with the editors of Computers and Composition Digital Press (https://ccdigitalpress.org/) and are in the process of writing the prospectus, which we plan to submit for review by March 1. If the prospectus is accepted, the deadline for submitting your completed chapter to us is July 1.

Cheryl (cball@ilstu.edu) will be the lead responder as you develop your text, and she can give you the most detailed information about design and interface issues.  (Though you should feel free to contact Debra or Trauman as well.)

Thank you again for letting us include your work.  We look forward to collaborating with you and working together to produce an innovative and important piece of scholarship.

Debra Journet
Cheryl Ball
Ryan Trauman

So, first: Congratulations!!! Y’all did an awesome job on the proposals (they were chosen before your final projects were completed, so they only had the proposals to go on).

Second, I stayed out of the discussion on y’all’s. This is typical for editors working on stuff from people they know, etc., especially when multiple editors are involved. So Debra and Trauman decided and informed me of their decision on y’all’s piece. You’ll notice that the fourth section they mention is Andrew’s contribution, which differed in kind from the rest of the pieces. I’ve already talked to Andrew about this; his piece had merit and he’ll probably submit it somewhere else, on its own.

Third, this means that I get to work with whoever wants to work with me next semester on doing some additional revisions to the final projects from this term. (I know some of y’all are taking the class again, and so you may want to — but certainly don’t have to — take the revision on as part of your coursework, but I’m open to others who are not taking the class again to help, if anyone wants to. Just email me.)

Fourth, I’m so proud 🙂 Thanks for a great class, everyone!


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