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Watson preview

This email, from one of the featured speakers at Watson:

Jackie Rhodes (CSU-San Bernardino) and I are delighted to announce a sneak peak of our multimedia installation for the upcoming Watson Conference.  We’ve been keeping an installation blog-as-archive, which you are invited to check out:

Enjoy!  And hope to see many of you as possible at Watson!


Jonathan Alexander
Campus Writing Director
Associate Professor of English
University of California, Irvine

reminder about CFP revisions

Hey all,

Just a recap about the YouTube part of the assignment: Make sure that you treat the upload of the video as if the entire Internet (via the YT site) and specifically the Watson conference attendees are your audience. Make sure to provide some kind of citation and/or more information in the “more info” section of the upload. As well, give your video a good title that reflects its genre/purpose.

NOTE: Something I forgot to mention in class — make sure you export a BIG version of your CFP from MovieMaker/iMovie. Use the largest format available: in MM, this will be the “playback on my computer” setting (or similar). On iMovie, this will be the “CD-ROM or DVD” quality. This is so there won’t be any pixelation when we play these on the BIG screen in Louisville. 🙂 So — KEEP this large version handy (for me to compile later, after we do any more revisions, if necessary). When you upload this large version to YouTube, it will compress everything to their needs. K?

Finally, just a reminder that Y’ALL TOTALLY ROCKED the CFP assignment. I am seriously impressed with your first drafts and am excited to see the (near) perfection that next week’s drafts will be. Yay!!!


Submit multimedia pieces to campus literary magazine

Info from Euphimism:

“The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” — Please join the Euphemism staff on Wednesday Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. in CVA 145 for an open-mike reading. We invite writers to read from their own work (you choose where your poetry, spoken word, flash fiction or experimental writing fits our schema!). We ask that you read for no more than 4 minutes; how you delight, horrify, or challenge us during this time is up to you. Meet other writers from across campus and learn more about Euphemism, ISU’s online creative arts journal. At the reading we will also raise money through our 2nd annual chalk-off. For 25 cents we’ll immortalize your short poem, flash fiction, or aphorism on the quad.

The submission deadline for the Euphemism Fall 2008 issue is October 17. We accept fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, new media, short film, original music, sound instillation, graphic design, photography, spoken word. We also now accept comic strips!  Please go to for submission guidelines.

Euphemism also seeks review essays of university sponsored readings, plays, concerts and films. We accept essays of varied lengths (no more than 5,000 words); we are interested in thoughtful and generous responses to creative events here at ISU or in the community.

BLOG ASSIGNMENT #@ (that’s “2” with the shift key depressed) (is depressed a good word there? o.O)

AJmC (rapping name) says, “So, for everyone who doesn’t have this written down somewhere, you need to publish the following on your blog by 11:59 PM CST [GMT -6, if I’m not mistaken] Tuesday Sept 2:

Three different ways through which you (personally) (as a person) examine text, whether that text be a book, a webpage, a movie, a viral video, spoken word, performance art, a painting online, a painting in a museum, etc.  The only wrong answer is not having the assignment posted when I go through and check to see if you’ve accomplished the task at hand.  For your answer to be complete, it must contain a link or embedded [something: video, picture, whatever] demonstrating at least an aspect of the lens you use.

So, summation: blog post by midnight Tuesday needs to have 3 different ways you examine objects and one example of each.  Further questions?  Did I fail again at explaining what I want?  Drop me a link on my blog.  I should have an example post up by Sunday (hopefully earlier).”

Reminders from Day One for Day Two

Helllloooooo world! 🙂

Andrew and I wanted to thank you for a great first class, even though I was a talking head for most of it (BORing!).


— grab the blog URLs from my Blogroll post below and link them to your blogs using the Manage>Links function.

— do the readings

— remember to watch the Set to Screen introduction thingy, which you’ll need iTunes to do.