helpful websites/tutorials:

  • rip YouTube videos: – a free file conversion website: will help you rip YouTube videos for editing yourself.
  • Instructions for ripping videos from YouTube using Zamzar (above). Follow the filetype choices in Step 2 for either Mac or PC.
  • taking screenshots: PC or Mac instructions for taking screenshots and making them into images that you can upload to your blog.
  • using MovieMaker: short, video-based tutorials that literally walk you through how to do pretty much everything in MovieMaker v.2.
  • using iMovie 8: Apple’s tutorials for using the newest version of iMovie.
  • using iMovie 6: Apple’s tutorials for using an older (better?) version of iMovie.
  • VPN client: you can download the VPN client from ISU’s help desk website. Use this for mapping your student server locations from home. (NOTE: I’m having trouble making it work on my Mac right now, so if you have problems with it, please call the Help Desk first, then we can troubleshoot in class (although it’ll be difficult since we don’t have wireless in the lab).

video links:

  • Flip Videos taken in class between August 15-October 31

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