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assignments page & resource updates

Hey all. I’ve added a new page to the class blog, which includes details about all future (big) assignments (it won’t include in-class-assigned blog posts or small stuff; just, um, more detail-oriented projects that will involve some time). Currently, the VIDEO INTRO and the SCREENSHOT ANALYSIS assignments are posted there, with links to instructions made whenever possible. On the Resources page, you’ll find links to tutorials to support you through various stages of these projects. I’ll add Resources as you suggest them and/or we need them. If I’ve overlooked some part of the assignment(s), please let me know by commenting here or on the Assignments page.

I suspect that you might run into some VPN problems with uploading and/or embedding your videos. If you can’t get it working, default to uploading your videos to YouTube and embedding them that way and also bring your playable (wmv) files to class on a jump drive so we can work out any kinks at the beginning of class. (But please don’t wait until then if you’re having problems. Imagine the classtime lost if *everyone* needs 5 minutes of help.)

Finally, the thing about Moviemaker (moreso than iMovie) is that it’s very difficult to move an editable (mswmm) project from one computer to another. So for this project, plan on sticking to one computer and if it’s not your home, personal computer, or a lab computer in STV 408 (which is open when classes aren’t in there during the day — I’ll get a schedule soon), then plan on finishing the project in one sitting (if, for instance, you’re in a public lab like the library). We’ll talk about moving MovieMaker files from one computer to another in a week or two.