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Grant Application for Watson project

Hi all. I wanted to upload a finalized copy of the grant application (minus cover sheet and signatures) that I turned into the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology this past Monday. It includes a full budget, including some additional technology purchases that will make our filming and behind-the-scenes work more effective, fyi. Here are the grant guidelines I was writing towards. My narrative of the project is longer (twice as long, actually) than what they recommend, but I couldn’t figure out (in the time limit I had to write this) how to get it any shorter. Besides being team members on this appilcation (since although it’s my teaching project; you all are the ones who will see it through!), you’ll find this narrative of interest because it gives you another view into the audience of faculty members your projects will reach. Particularly the assessment part, I think. Let me know if you have questions. We should hear about this grant (acceptance or rejection) by, I hope, the week we go to Watson.

If we aren’t able to get this grant, we will try pursuing the Graduate School grants I mentioned earlier this semester, although I don’t want this class project to take away from other research opportunities for which you might need that money this year. Either way, I am encouraging you to present your final project (perhaps as a group?) at the spring research Symposium, which will make you eligible for the $125 research grant from the graduate school. (See the Resources page for that grant-application link. In rereading the application, I realized you don’t need a project blurb; just a budget. And you can apply for the grant post-travel, with your hotel receipts, for instance. We’ll work out the details IF we don’t get the CTLT grant.)