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I am old…said the teacher

It didn’t take too many YouTube posts for me to recognize how completely out of touch I am with what students consider interesting these days. The first coupla had me wondering just *how* boring and old I am. But I also loved seeing the differences. Then I started to see some videos I could get into — it’s wild how many personalities are in one classroom; people with SO many differences and experiences, with so much to bring to the table. I appreciate that, even if I don’t always appreciate the videos (but, hey, that wasn’t the point of the exercise — my appreciating the videos — the point was for you to practice embedding media into your blog and for me to see what *y’all* value.) fwiw, I figure that my watching your videos feels similar to y’all reading the homework – lol. With that in mind, I’ll go back to the Mario Brothers, 20-minute video before Thursday’s class and make sure I watch it all the way through next time 😉