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reminder about CFP revisions

Hey all,

Just a recap about the YouTube part of the assignment: Make sure that you treat the upload of the video as if the entire Internet (via the YT site) and specifically the Watson conference attendees are your audience. Make sure to provide some kind of citation and/or more information in the “more info” section of the upload. As well, give your video a good title that reflects its genre/purpose.

NOTE: Something I forgot to mention in class — make sure you export a BIG version of your CFP from MovieMaker/iMovie. Use the largest format available: in MM, this will be the “playback on my computer” setting (or similar). On iMovie, this will be the “CD-ROM or DVD” quality. This is so there won’t be any pixelation when we play these on the BIG screen in Louisville. 🙂 So — KEEP this large version handy (for me to compile later, after we do any more revisions, if necessary). When you upload this large version to YouTube, it will compress everything to their needs. K?

Finally, just a reminder that Y’ALL TOTALLY ROCKED the CFP assignment. I am seriously impressed with your first drafts and am excited to see the (near) perfection that next week’s drafts will be. Yay!!!


I am old…said the teacher

It didn’t take too many YouTube posts for me to recognize how completely out of touch I am with what students consider interesting these days. The first coupla had me wondering just *how* boring and old I am. But I also loved seeing the differences. Then I started to see some videos I could get into — it’s wild how many personalities are in one classroom; people with SO many differences and experiences, with so much to bring to the table. I appreciate that, even if I don’t always appreciate the videos (but, hey, that wasn’t the point of the exercise — my appreciating the videos — the point was for you to practice embedding media into your blog and for me to see what *y’all* value.) fwiw, I figure that my watching your videos feels similar to y’all reading the homework – lol. With that in mind, I’ll go back to the Mario Brothers, 20-minute video before Thursday’s class and make sure I watch it all the way through next time 😉