Watson Speakers & Readings

Plenary Session I-New Perspectives on Technology, Media, and Communication:

Plenary Session II-New Forms of Textuality:

Plenary Session III-Access and Agency:

  • Valerie Kinloch-“(2007). “‘The white-ification of the hood:’ Power, politics, and youth performing narratives of community,” Language Arts Journal 85.1: 61-68. (FIND)

Plenary Session IV-Text and Image:

  • W.J.T. Mitchellinterview with Mitchell about his book, What Do Pictures Want?
  • Diana George-“From Analysis to Design: Visual Communication in the Composition Classroom” (FIND; CCC 54.1 2002)
  • Anne Wysocki-“The Multiple Media of Texts: How Onscreen and Paper Texts incorporate Words, Images, and Other Media.” In What Writing Does and How It Does It (FIND: Milner)

Plenary Session V-The New Work of Composing: A Roundtable on Teaching, Scholarship, and Administration:

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